Mr Singh's Bangras

The Story of Bangras

The Bangra was first created in Shimla, a hill station in Northern India by Mr Harnam Singh in the 1940s.

The secret recipe has been passed down the generations and is now being produced for all to enjoy by Harnam’s grandson’s, Daljit and Jagjit Singh

Bangras are made with selected cuts of the most succulent, tender British Farm Assured pork.

Explore the Flavours

  • Original recipe

    Faithfully recreated by Daljit from Harnam’s original pork recipe, this is the sausage that started it all.

    Deep flavours and sweet spices, the aroma of cardamom and onion mingles with the uniques smokiness of cloves.

  • Date & Apricot recipe
Fresh hot chillies mingle with sweet mint and cardamom seeds. A really fiery sausage!


The Other Mr. Singhs

Vivek Singh - Chef

Vivek Singh spurned family expectations to follow his father’s footsteps and become an engineer and surprised them instead by announcing his intentions to be a chef. After graduating from catering college, he joined the Oberoi Hotel group as a specialist in Indian cuisine. He first worked at their flight kitchens in Mumbai where 2000 meals were produced a day for various airlines. He then moved to the Grand hotel in Calcutta where he was fast-tracked to become the Indian chef of the Oberoi’s flagship Rajvilas in Jaipur- at the age of 26. Rajvilas was voted the most luxurious hotel in the world by Tatler in 2001.

Since first opening its doors in 2001, The Cinnamon Club has been redefining expectations of Indian cooking in UK; Chef Vivek Singh has always pushed the perceived boundaries with Indian food and has looked ‘beyond authentic’. He has successfully liberated Indian food from the straitjacket of tradition and crafted a brilliant marriage between Indian flavours and spicing and western culinary styles. Vivek’s dishes drawn inspiration from deep-rooted Indian tradition and then executed using op quality seasonal produce to create truly evolved dishes with layers of flavours and textures.

Vivek’s award-winning food has earned the Cinnamon Club in Westminster its place as one of the destination restaurants of London and has established itself as the most famous Indian restaurant in the world.

Following up on the success of Cinnamon Club, Vivek and his team launched Cinnamon Kitchen and Anise in The City in November 2008. This establishment offers the same great food and drink with ethos of creativity and innovation in more relaxed surroundings.

Vivek is widely believed to be one of the most articulate Indian chefs of his generation; he has written 4 books and his most recent book titled Curry- Classic and Contemporary was published in November 2008 by Absolute Press. He is a familiar face on television with regular appearances on BBC’s Saturday Kitchen and UKTV Food’s Market Kitchen.

Vivek lives in south London with his wife Archana and children Eshaan and Maya.

Vivek is responsible for extending Mr. Singh’s range and has crafted the beautifully rich Date & Apricot variant to complement the Original Bangra.

Daljit Singh - Founder & Grandson

Eighteen years ago grandson Daljit Singh founded Digit, one of the most established digital design agencies existing today. Though the acclaimed company has always put innovation first Daljit is enjoying looking to the past for the development of this authentic project.  This refreshing product development needs little brand development - and isn’t at the mercy of clients!  How refreshing indeed.

Formerly Founder and Creative Director of Digit, Daljit is an active board member with the following committees and establishments: The British Council Design Advisory Group, an advisor for Design Industry Skills Development Plan for the Design Council, a member of the London Innovation Strategy Committee, NESTA’s Graduate Pioneers Programme and Onedotzero Board of Directors. Daljit has recently been invited to join ‘Creative Industries Luminary for London’ and was featured in The FT’s Top Creative 50 for two consecutive years.

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