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Monday, February 8th, 2010

 “….the rich date taste is what hits first, and then the spice kicks in. We’re talking proper heat, the sort of bite that fills the mouth and makes the eyes widen involuntarily. However, at the point you think they’ve gone too far, the sweetness of the apricot - and a little orange peel - kicks in to round the whole thing off. And all the time that’s happening, you can still savour the moist, all-round piggy gorgeousness of the meat…” Neil Davey, Lambshank Redemption


“…..the delicious Bangra bangers, which I woke up on Saturday mornng with a craving for that could not be satiated. BANGRAS! I wanted them. Beautifully spiced and deliciously firey pork sausages from a recipe that has been handed from grandfather to grandson. I am told that they will be available soon for the public, of which I count myself a patient member.” Niamh Shields, Eat Like a Girl


“I had an amazing sausage for breakfast last week at The Cinnamon Club. There I was treated to a spicy number called a ‘Bangra.’ The heat moves onto your palate quite gently. I reckon it’s a great BBQ idea.” William Sitwell, Editor, Food Illustrated